Choose the Right Waist Apron with Pockets for Your Restaurant

  • They say ‘dress for success’ and ‘the clothes make the man,’ so it follows then that the uniform has a major impact on a business. How formal and professional your employees dress sets the tone of your customer service and your patrons’ experience in your restaurant. One of the greatest elements of the uniform in a restaurant is the apron – though it may seem unimposing and unremarkable, the cut, color, and style of your employee’s aprons will greatly impact the function and personality of your business. Consider the difference between a waist apron with pockets, a sleek smock apron, and a bib apron. Each style gives off a completely different connotation, and they all serve their own unique functions.

    If you’re running a café, bistro, or restaurant, the best apron style for servers is probably the waist apron with pockets for storing silverware, checks, pens, and so on. These aprons let your servers move hands-free between tables and carry back full plates without fear of staining their clothes. High-quality aprons, like the ones you can find at Best Aprons, are stain and spill resistant, made of thick fabric that protects your servers from everyday mishaps. These aprons also look sleek and professional, giving even a small business a sense of expertise that makes customers feel well taken care of.

    Consider the sort of personality you want associated with your business. Are you aiming for a friendly, chipper, neighborhood vibe? Or a more quaint afternoon hotspot? Or something formal and strictly professional? There are a great many different ways to brand yourself, and so it follows that there are a great many kinds of aprons available to achieve the reputation you’re envisioning. As a general rule of thumb, the longer the apron, the more professional and formal it will seem.

    Best Aprons offers a range of three different waist apron lengths, each with pocketed designs to optimize your server’s workday. Short waist aprons fall between 12 and 15 inches down the thigh, stopping at about the end of your servers hands. These are the kinds of aprons you often see in diners and cafés – cute and functional. There’s a relaxed nature about them that comes across as inviting.

    Mid-length waist aprons go further, featuring a 19-inch length that ends closer to the knees. These aprons come across as a little more professional than short aprons. You’ll see them in many chain restaurants. If you’re uncertain which type of apron you should choose, mid length waist aprons strike an excellent balance between formality and invitation, making them a good default. Finally, full-length waist aprons fall down below the knees at a full 28 inches. These are the formal aprons you’d expect to find at a ‘fancy’ restaurant. There’s an air of sophistication and professionalism about them that is iconic.

    Every waist apron with pockets at Best Aprons is American made and available in a full range of colors from the traditional black and white to more energetic reds, yellows, and blues. Best Aprons also offers customization services, monogramming or screen printing logos onto your aprons to truly make them your own. With same day shipping, no minimum orders quantities, and free shipping on orders over $25, they’re real lifesavers for any restaurant.