6 Local Foods You Must Try In Dublin

  • The first thing people do after planning a trip is booking a hotel and then figuring out which places to visit. So, if Dublin is your next destination, then you must have already researched its top tourist attractions and best areas to stay in Dublin. However, have you decided what new food you want to try there? The food in Dublin is significantly vibrant that boasts a plentiful selection of cuisines from all over the globe. Here are some local foods you must during your stay in Dublin:

    1. Irish stew

    Irish stew is one of the most loved foods in not only Dublin but also the whole of Ireland. It is traditionally cooked by using potatoes, carrots, onions, diced mutton from older sheep, and bacon. Restaurants and pubs make many improvised versions of the classic stews these days with different kinds of meat. Guinness stout is also used as an added ingredient.

    2. Soda bread

    It is not easy to find, but the search is totally worth it for a good loaf of Irish golden brown soda bread. Surprisingly, although the bread is made with the most basic ingredients, the perfect loaf comes out with a crispy textured crust that has a spongy firmness and a tender centre.

    3. Boxty pancakes

    It is the traditional Irish potato pancake. The pancake is made by mixing grated raw potato, cooked mashed potato and flour with fresh milk for the batter. It is cooked slowly like a pancake until the colour becomes golden brown. You can eat Boxty with just sugar or butter or with a full Irish breakfast of eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, tomato slices, and black pudding.

    4. Black and white pudding

    A popular choice for the Irish breakfast, black pudding is a kind of sausage made from meat, fat, blood, oatmeal, and potato or bread fillers. If you do not want to taste blood in the sausage, you can go for the white pudding instead which uses the same ingredients except for the blood.

    5. Seafood, cockles, and mussels

    Being surrounded by the sea and with a history of fishing for good, Ireland is one of the best places in the world to get seafood. While you are in Dublin, you are in for a fishy feast. The best area to taste seafood is along the Cork Kerry coast and the West coast. Do not forget to try Dublin Bay prawns, and crab nachos at the restaurants as well.

    6. Irish coffee

    Most of the cafes and restaurants in Dublin offer Irish coffee. It is a combination of a cup of hot coffee, two teaspoons of brown sugar, and one shot of Irish whiskey. In the end, the Irish coffee is topped with slightly whipped double cream. You must taste this rich and sumptuous drink when you are in Dublin.

    Since there are numerous options, you may take ideas from travel blogs and decide which food items you absolutely want to try during your stay in Dublin.