Why You Should Not Try Home Remedies for Ear Wax Removal?


    Many people commonly have the habit of grabbing a cotton-tipped swab to clean out one ear to remove what one believes to be excess earwax build-up. Apart from cotton swabs, some of the substitutes they use include items such as toothpicks, straws, pencils, pens, hairpins and combs. However, people be warned! – using small items like these can puncture the ear drum and induce a number of other discomforts which may result in infection or worse, long-term hearing loss.


    With that in mind, this article aims to shed light on the dangers of using home remedies or unconventional techniques to remove ear wax. You need to be aware that ear wax removal should never be tried at home because it is risky and can cause damage to the ears.


    What are some of the risks of applying home remedies for ear wax removal?

    There are certain items that people tend to use to relieve discomfort and remove what they perceive to be earwax build-up. Bobby pins, keys, napkin corners, Q-tips and cotton swabs are just some of the common items used for this purpose.


    People have a common misconception about hairpins, paperclips and cotton swabs being tools for cleaning ears. However, this is far from the truth, as it can end in more damage than good. When using a foreign object inside your ear, you risk pushing the earwax further down the ear canal. If not done carefully, it can lead to complicated outcomes.


    Some certain symptoms and signs can be assigned to another condition. While it's very common to think that earwax removal at home can easily be done, it's not a clever thing to do if you do not know whether excessive earwax is indeed present. Just because one is experiencing an earache or decreased hearing, it doesn’t mean that earwax has accumulated. It could be an entirely different problem requiring medical attention.


    This is why it's always best to seek professional help when it comes to earwax removal. Excessive earwax build-up can wreak havoc on the ear canal or eardrum. Any DIY or home remedy shouldn’t be applied, especially if it involves placing foreign objects inside the ear canal. This warning becomes even more serious if the individual in question has an existing ear drainage problem, perforated eardrums or recently undergone surgery.


    When to see a professional for removing earwax?

    It is generally recommended to seek professional help every time one experiences any sort of difficulty with the ears. One should also contact the nearest hearing clinic if they experience any drainage or bleeding in their ear. A professional can use a number of tools to flash the earwax from the ear canal. This includes – irrigation, suction, a curette and a rubber ball syringe.



    It should be reiterated that foreign objects should be used inside the ear. This makes it very important to choose a hearing clinic. A reputed hearing clinic will have the required knowledge, expertise and equipment to administer the correct procedure. To do this, due diligence is required on the individual’s part when selecting the best hearing clinic available to them.