5 creative ways to share large video files in 2023

  • Knowing how to share large video files for free has become crucial in today's digital era, as video material has become a major part of our lives. Whether it's for personal, educational, or professional purposes, the need to transfer sizable video files seamlessly to friends, colleagues, or clients is a common challenge. Thankfully, there are several user-friendly and cost-effective methods that can help you share those large video files without breaking a sweat.


    This article explores some of the most efficient ways to transfer your videos to others without incurring any additional expenses.


    1. Cloud storage and sharing services


    Sharing large video files for free has become more accessible and convenient than ever, thanks to various digital tools and platforms. Cloud storage services have revolutionised the way we share and store data. Many such platforms offer generous free storage plans that allow you to upload large video files and share them with others effortlessly. Simply upload your video to the cloud, generate a shareable link, and send it to your intended recipients.


    They can then access and download the video file without any hassle. Some cloud-based file sharing platforms also enable users to share and store files without any registration, making it even more convenient for the user.


    2. File compression techniques


    Another effective method to share large video files is by compressing them before sending. Compression reduces the file size without significantly compromising the video quality. You can use certain software to compress your video files. Just ensure to strike a balance between file size reduction and maintaining a satisfactory viewing experience for your audience.


    3. Email attachments


    While many email services have file size limitations, you can bypass this obstacle by using file-sharing services specifically designed for large attachments. Certain services enable you to upload your video file, generate a shareable link, and include it in your email. When your recipients click on the link, they can easily download the video without any restrictions.


    4. Video streaming platforms


    Video streaming platforms offer an alternative means of sharing large videos. You can upload your video as an unlisted or private video, restricting access to only those with the link. This method is particularly useful for sharing videos with a broader audience, such as clients or followers, without burdening their email inboxes.


    5. Social media messaging apps


    Several social media messaging apps also allow file sharing, making it convenient to send large videos to friends and family. For instance, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram permit video sharing up to certain file size limits. Keep in mind that using social media platforms might not be ideal for sharing sensitive or private content, as privacy settings can vary.



    Before choosing a sharing method, consider the size of your video file, the level of security required, and the preferences of your recipients. Always prioritise the protection of sensitive content and be mindful of the terms and conditions of the platforms you use for sharing. By utilising these simple and effective techniques, you can ensure that your large video files reach their intended recipients promptly and without any complications.