concern for the review of

  •  guards of the Party and the people, we are the army and the people are still the party of the people's army completely reliable. "After the fight against corruption, the army we will shine with new vitality and combat effectiveness." Luo Yuan said.Finally, Luo Yuan said that from the outside evaluation of the Chinese army's point of view, we are facing a military construction "flattery" and "Bangsha" double pressure, the key is a blacksmith need its own hardware, as long as we straighten out the military style, Yanming Jun Ji, gluten bone health, we will be invincible, who is also regrettable that we can not. Yesterday afternoon, the concern for the review of progress in the case of Nie Shubin, NPC, Shandong Province Higher People's Court of the  nike lebron 11 shoes   Southern told reporters that the case is under review process, Shandong High Court Lawyers' Right to protection, review the results will be open to the community came out in a timely manner.Nie Shubin review the progress of the case has been cause for concern. Yesterday afternoon, in front of the NPC delegation to attend the group discussion, Shandong, Baiquan Min south are reporters that the current case is under review them.According to media reports, the case has not yet been offsite Nie Shubin Supreme instructions before the review, the case went to the former attorney had dozens of Hebei High Court for scoring unsuccessful. Since the establishment of the Shandong High Court Full Court reviewed the case of Nie Shubin, Niejiahe newly hired attorney complaint also contact Shandong High Court scoring, but also failed to scoring. In this regard, Baiquan Min clear that lawyers must be able to access to dossiers.Whether the results will be made public  "Now the requirement of open 

    justice, will promptly review the results made public after it said.In the afternoon the group discussion, "two high" report, Baiquan Min suggested a lot of work last year, the Supreme People's Procuratorate in preventing miscarriages of justice, the Supreme Procuratorate work report mentioned along County, Hebei Province, Wang Lei's Procuratorate review handling suspected murderer When the case for many doubt resolutely exclude illegally obtained evidence and make a decision not to arrest, put forward the views of supplementary investigation, the public security authorities eventually arrested the murderers. "This prevents the recurrence of such cases in Inner Mongolia vocative case, which the police, prosecutors, court is concerned, is a good wake-up call to educate."In addition, over t nike lebron 10 online  he past year, according to the law courts were also corrected to read bin, and other major injustice wrong vocative case. "Read Bin case, the fact that he is as unclear, insufficient evidence in the case to be corrected. Vocative case, what he is a murderer appeared." Baiquan Min said that in 2014 the supreme law of the injustice wrong case and correct errors Whatever the case, no matter what people relate to which place, which fully embodies the courage to error correction courage. Fang is a photographer, this is the first time in two years he worked on two sessions.The two sessions, a small square of particular concern with regard to housing policy. "When the government work report Premier Li Keqiang, I listened with special care, he referred to relevant 

    content with the prices, I Kacha one, but also my attention the most concentrated time."Counted, so when the camera is inside the small side, a total of six times.The first time was in the Premier Li Keqiang review work in 2014 when he made "on health care, pension, housing, transportation, education, income distribution, food security, social security, etc. There are a lot of people are not satisfied with the place." "This a sentence big truth. "Fang said."The Prime Minister said the reforms continue to advance the field of housing fund, stable housing consumption, he mentioned the need to support the residents in their own homes and improve housing demand, I burst of N Zhang." Fang said.Own homes and improve housing demand 'Well do not say we are young, "Fang recalled Prime Minister said he had heard these words of excitement kept." For those of us who have housing' just to be 'of the people, too important matter. "Earners to buy a house i nike lebron soldier 7 sales the biggest pressureHouse mentioned problems, especially anxiety small side."Monthly income of 10,002 a year for almost 15 million. Buy sets of 70 square meters of housing, down at least one million yuan." Small square just such an account. "If you do not rely on their parents, I want to eat or drink for six years to save enough for a down payment on a house. But the rent plus the cost of living, save 6000 yuan a month, I have to save for 14 years. Although wages will go up, but it certainly did not Rate rose faster ah. "When the station waiting for the Guangdong delegation, a small square and colleagues chat.Anxiety small party, the National People's Congress of Guangdong Yi Feng Jiao particular group can understand, she is a 80, not long ago had the same anxiety.Yi Feng Jiao 80 deputies from