to arrange Supreme People's

  •  to arrange Supreme People's Court Zhou: Morning report stresses, is the trial according to law.Reporter: Is it will conduct a public trial Zhou: public law.Ouyang shardan: Unfortunately, time is too hasty, a lot of the problem is not specific way to start, but Zhou Dean spoke a word, according to law in a public trial, aroused more expectations, then you want to chat and Iwamatsu, Because I b nike lunar hyperdunk 2014 onlineelieve that the people of a high degree of social concern that a large case, how can we open, to what extent will be open to, or very concerned about.One person: You do not look to Zhou Dean told reporters today, as if the contents of the interview is very short, but the press and news value is very large, because it is Zhou Dean, National People's Congress this morning in the Great Hall of the face, as well as CPPCC members after finished report, accepted an interview. The news value is reflected in where Bai Yansong: Next comes an even number, that figure today we want to mention, that is 28, as in the report of the Supreme People's Procuratorate made them, with particular reference to the Attorney-General Cao Jianming, the current system is open to handle Procuratorate Zhou, Xu and so on more than 28 criminal cases ministerial cadres.There are two layers of information, the first layer of information is that these ministerial cadres above crimes, has been detained and interrogated by party discipline, etc., are moved to the judiciary, but the judiciary as a result of the transfer process, it is another one Case of news reports, we did not summarized in this report, a summary we discovered, more than 28 criminal cases ministerial cadres. I think many people have such feelings, in the past ten years or decades of time (not digital), in a year's time, while more than 28 ministerial-level cadres criminal cases has now reached the procuratorate system, this is simply too rare, it was what kind of work What's

     next The second message is it  Situation in this case more than 28 ministerial-level cadres in the procuratorate system currently mentioned, but at the highest reported in the relevant Dean did not, why  Now he is still procuratorate system, there is no system to the High Court, that well, then we can imagine that in the future more than a year inside, immediately faced with these 28 leading cadres above ministerial trial whether public. Especially after Bo Xilai has been a successful example of a public hearing of the case, which is more than 28 ministerial-level cadres trial, and many in the country must be assigned to a court, where the level of ability, related to preparation, etc., are huge challenge.Therefore, it is natural to ask the reporter a question that more than 28 provincial-level leading cadres into the public hearin  nike lunar hyperdunk 2013 onlineg after the court will do  Zhou Dean very confident and smiling, said, according to the law openly, I think we should understand that in the future more than a year inside, there will be many, many open judicial practice to show in front of us, and I also think that this is a rare one Prussian, so when it comes to this, we will understand why so short an interview, I would think it particularly newsworthy, listen again.Reporter: At present, the provincial level or above were found to have more than twenty leading cadres, then their trial, is not a total workload is great, we will arrange how Zhou: I am talking about a report that the trial according to law.Reporter: Is it will conduct a public trial Zhou: public law. In the first half of this year, the Ministry of Transport will introduce a taxi reform program. Yesterday, Transport Minister Yang Chuantang told the Beijing Times reporter, said

     that the country of varying levels of corporate profits, "envy of money" is the different and should not be reduced "envy of money." The reason for the taxi quantitative control, the main consideration consumers, operators and other interests of all parties to seek common denominator of development.Talk monopoliesThere is no government monopoly taxi industryBeijing Times: Taxi operators take the franchise system, the government carried out the number of the taxi control, companies need in order to operate indicators from the government. Some people say that rental companies holding a monopoly industry indicators formed, how you look Yang Chuantang: monopoly monopoly into business and industry, a lot of people think that the government monopoly, in fact, does not exist. Our National Taxi 1.3 million, 2.6 million people in employment, more than 8,000 operators, as well as 130,000 self-employed, assume 40 billion passengers nike lebron 11 online annually transport task. In fact, the taxi industry is an open industry earlier, there is a government monopoly.However, some enterprises in order to pursue their own interests, might harm the interests of consumers. We restrict it, first of all the price controls, the government introduced price guide; in addition to continuously improve the service. Last year, the Ministry of Transportation has published service standards rental industry. I hope under the supervision of government departments, the formation of good labor relations, mainly the relationship between companies and drivers. In fact, the purpose of these measures is to protect the interests of consumers.Beijing Times: Some people say that you can get all the profits of the enterprise to get the index  How do you think Yang Chuantang: There may be a phenomenon, not the norm. Mainly because some self-employed, he does not drive, the vehicle entrusted to others, and even "a prop", "two care." There are