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  • Nexon remains extremely active pending Maplestory 2 Mesos SEA second closed beta, publishing weekly producer blog articles covering different factors of the sport. The latest one by Community Manager Cuddles covers some of the revolutionary dungeons coming together with the next phase.These dungeons include ramped up difficulty and are going to be a challenge for Maplers with reached end game, with all the maximum level of 50. Hard Adventure dungeons, as an example, are 4-player party dungeons which can be way more challenging than your normal Basic Adventure dungeons.

    A new Hard Adventure dungeon referred to as the Temple of Immortals will test players, as they have to face the large Balrog, a boss that may be capable of smashing you with boulders, hit you along with his chain blade and throw this mighty roar that... could make you go deaf? Well, accomplishment, but it's going to probably drain many of your health.After defeating Balrog and earning some well-deserved Epic Equipment, you may try to reach the Chaos Raid Dungeon Shadow Altar, also for level 50 players.

    This one was previously a level 30 dungeon in the first MapleStory 2 closed beta, but is currently much harder, using a 10-player team necessary to stand the possibility against Devorak.A solo survival wave dungeon is an additional one of the revolutionary distractions, where players will challenge their skills by surviving just as much as 30 rounds of enemy hordes. There is a leaderboard to indicate your feat and special rewards at the same time.Treasure dungeons are new additions and produce more rewards. These subterranean labyrinths including Abandoned Mine B1 and B4 are places of numerous riches as well as more dangers. You can tackle the previous by yourself, however the latter uses a party of 4 players to advance.Nexon promised that your second MapleStory 2 closed beta begins in July, but the precise day remains to be under wraps.

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MapleStory 2 blog shows a new dungeons for second beta


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