We worked out a scalable method to conquer

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  • "We worked out a scalable method to conquer the galaxy without taking any territory," Gianturco said. "Which is the reason our enemies, with all congregated on r/eve, have completely lost the plot and therefore are trying to manufacture something, anything to avoid us — though the antagonism just makes our guys more aggressive."
    Around exactly the same time, Gianturco also launched hard work on Kickstarter to invest in a novel about Eve celebrating The Imperium's rise to power. The campaign was set upon by certain members in the Eve community to be self-aggrandizing at best, and also at worst a flagrant misuse of in-game power for real-world profit.
    The campaign was ultimately failing, falling well in need of its goal before being canceled.
    While Rome burns
    Mark "Seleene" Heard, long-time Eve player plus a former employee of developer CCP, says that, within his estimation, players outside of The Imperium's sphere of influence also have enough.
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    9/26/18 at 1:00 PM
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