The trend in eliminating game design

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  • The trend in eliminating game design when Street Fighter 4 was made aimed at cutting back for the inessential elements of the game, streamlining the look and creating more approachable products. Capcom achieved that goal with Street Fighter 4, sold millions, and brought with a genre renaissance … though ultimately its design flaws were exploited to this kind of degree that even advanced players were built with a hard time playing it in competition.
    Street Fighter 5 reduce the fat that SF4, plagued with option-select bugs and exploits involving adding extra buttons in your arcade stick, missed. It simplified the motions further, slashed the amount of moves and pared characters down thus to their most essential techniques. It just isn't a lazy design but a thoughtful one, quietly arguing that more just isn't always better. The intent gave the impression to be a thing that felt great and was simple for beginners to ultimately master, while giving the complexity required for high-level play.
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    9/30/18 at 1:00 PM
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