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    June 12, 2019 10:05 AM HKT

    By the end of the day Austin Bryant Jersey Mens , the Detroit Lions’ 2018 season will be over. No more practices, no more gameplanning, no more On Paper, and no more Lions gameday until September. It’s been a rough transition year for Lions fans. Not only is it tough to see your team go from 9-7 contender to 5-10 irrelevancy, but the move from Jim Caldwell to Matt Patricia has been stark. Of course, Patricia’s poor start already has some Lions fans playing revisionist history about the Caldwell era, but there is something to be said for consistent competitiveness over... well Womens Teez Tabor Jersey , over whatever we have now. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of thinkpieces about what the future holds in Detroit, but for now, today’s Question of the Day is:What is the primary emotion you’ll feel once the Lions 2018 season is over? My answer: Disappointment with a little bit of relief.I’m never one to welcome the offseason. Even when the Lions went 0-16 in 2008, I watched to the very end because I live by the very simple code: Football > No Football. But this year has been a challenge. The last month of Lions football has been borderline unwatchable. The offense is toothless, and while the Lions defense is improving, they’re still allowing some bad quarterbacks do some things that bad quarterbacks shouldn’t be able to do. I don’t think I’ve been this unenthusiastic for a season finale in a long, long time. And so I’m sure there will be a brief moment in which I’m relieved that I don’t have to write another 1 ,500-word preview about this—let’s be honest—boring team. However, that will be extremely short-lived, as I realize the next four months involve endless speculation about free agency, and way more mock drafts than this world needs. Well, at least we’ll still have playoff games to watch before then... Your turn.Tweets from breaks down Lions’ loss to 49ers, examines what’s wrong with Matthew Stafford The PODcast wanted to waste no time in getting this week’s show out. With the Detroit Lions’ disappointing loss to the San Francisco 49ers still fresh in our mind, the PODcast crew went to the recording booth (just our respective houses) Sunday night to spill our thoughts into your earholes.The game was a little more palatable , but the end result was the same. Do we feel better about this team right now? Should we feel better about this team right now?And what the heck is up with Matthew Stafford? This is a guy who was so damn close to winning over the entire city of Detroit—a near impossible task for a Lions quarterback—and he’s looked so much worse than expected. Sunday was better, but should we be worried about his long-term prospects? We talk about all of this and much, much more on this week’s episode of the PODcast:This week on the PODcast:Another controversial ending! Did the refs get the penalty on Quandre Diggs right? THE LIONS ALMOST ESTABLISHED THE RUN GAMELeGarrette Blount: Way to stick up for your quarterback or stupid play that very well could’ve hurt this team’s chance at a comeback?Matthew Stafford was better but still worse than is expected out of him. Are we worried yet?Good cop, bad cop. Jeremy tries to go a whole segment focusing on the positive, but Chris plays bad cop and points to impending doom on the schedule. Wally’s World returns to examine hot takes about Matt Patricia’s weight, while Jeremy enters the rage corner to complain about clock management... again. Mailbag doesn’t like horror movies, talks about the future of Golden Tate Eli Harold Jersey White , Ezekiel Ansah and Glover Quin, and the increased role of Kerryon Johnson.