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Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers

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    March 9, 2020 3:27 PM HKT

    Stainless steel is made of iron chromium alloy with other trace elements. Because of its good metal properties and resistance to rust than other metals, the utensils made are beautiful and durable. As a result, more and more are used to make tableware, and gradually enter the vast family. Therefore, how to properly use stainless steel tableware is particularly important. The AFA Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers will teach you the correct use of stainless steel.

    1.Can be burned empty

    Stainless steel tableware has lower thermal conductivity and slower heat transfer time than iron and aluminum products. Empty burning will cause the chrome plating on the surface of the cooker to age and fall off.

    1. Avoid strong acids and alkalis

    Do not store strong acidic or alkaline foods such as salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and vegetable soup for a long time, because these foods contain a lot of electrolytes. If they are stored for a long time, stainless steel will be like other metals. Electrochemical reaction to dissolve harmful metal elements and contaminate food, especially commonly used insulated cups, which cannot be filled with vinegar or carbonated drinks. Acids will have a chemical reaction on the stainless steel of the insulated cups, and toxic substances will also oxidize and rust , Not only harm the tableware itself, but also harm human health.

    1. Use them to make Chinese herbs

    Stainless steel pots cannot cook Chinese herbal medicines, because there are many varieties of Chinese herbal medicines and their ingredients are very complex. Most of them contain alkaloids and organic acids. Especially under the condition of continuous heating, it is easy to react with metal elements in stainless steel. It can cause drug failure and even produce more toxic chemicals, so it is best to use a ceramic pot to cook Chinese herbal medicine.

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