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Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers

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    March 11, 2020 11:23 AM HKT

    Simply put, when buying a sink, AFA Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers reminds you to pay attention to the following points: The first is the material of the sink. Now the best sink material is 304 stainless steel.

    Non-304 sink, made of 302 stainless steel

    When buying a water tank, choose a good 304 stainless steel water tank from the surface treatment technology. The best surface treatment is to choose the drawing effect. Do not choose those surfaces such as sandblasted pearl pearl yarn, etc. Many of these surfaces are chemically electrolytically treated. , Bad materials need to cover up like this! There may be harmful substances on the surface. A good 304 stainless steel can make a brushed effect. Therefore, the drawing effect is relatively expensive! Therefore, when I bought it, I paid special attention to it. I bought the expensive Rath sink directly. Of course, the material of the sink is 304.

    At the same time, when buying a sink, you should also pay attention to the thickness of the bottom of the sink. A thickness of 1.2mm is a better material. You should pay attention to a sink below this thickness.

    The integrally shaped stainless steel sink is very easy to use. The drain head and the basin are pressed together. It does not need any rubber ring and is never afraid of leaking. Do not change the water head. If you use a conventional cement to go up for a long time, If you soak, it is easy to leak water and the effect is poor, so compare the two. I still choose a sink that is integrated into the water. Such a sink is worry-free. But be careful not to block the sink's water, otherwise it will be troublesome.

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