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Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers

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    March 16, 2020 2:09 PM HKT

    The utilization rate of sinks is very high, but in the face of various sinks on the market, how to choose correctly, the following AFA Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers will teach you how to choose kitchen sinks?

    1.Buy and consider the countertop
    The width of the countertop should be considered when purchasing the sink. The width of the sink should be 100mm-150mm minus the countertop.

    2.The thickness of the basin bottom should reach 1mm
    After cleaning the water basin, the luster, oil resistance, and no stains are the first consideration when purchasing the sink. The general sink is welded tightly and without welding. Welding quality is the most critical factor affecting the life of the sink. Good welding can prevent rust and desoldering. From the perspective of today's sink market, any double tank with a depth of more than 18cm is welded. The cost of such welding is relatively high.

    3.The depth of the water tank is preferably 200mm
    The detailed design of the sink is very important. The 90-degree vertical angle of the basin wall can increase the use area of the sink. The depth of the sink should be about 200mm, so that the tableware is more convenient to wash and prevent water splashes; if the sink hole is in the center of the sink, the cabinet cannot hold anything, so the lower hole is behind and the water pipe is better to be installed against the wall. , Not only launches quickly, but also makes effective use of space.

    4.Select according to kitchen space
    Currently, there are two types of water tanks in the market: single tank and double tank. Generally speaking, a single tank sink is more suitable for a kitchen with a small space. It can meet the basic cleaning functions of the user. The double tank pool is also widely used in homes, which can meet the needs of separate cleaning and conditioning, and is also the first choice because it properly occupies space. At the same time, there are three troughs or mother-in-law troughs, which are mostly special-shaped designs, which are more suitable for large kitchens with individual styles. At the same time, they have soaking, washing, and storage functions.

    5.Standard sink design
    It is generally best to be about 20cm in depth, so that dishware is more convenient to wash, and can prevent splashing. At the same time, the vertical angle of the basin wall at 90 degrees can increase the use area of the sink. If the drain hole is in the center of the sink, the cabinet use space will be reduced, so the lower water hole is behind, and the water pipe is better installed against the wall, which not only drains quickly but also effectively uses the space.

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