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How to choose the correct crushing equipment

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    May 4, 2020 2:07 PM HKT
    The choice of crushing equipment type and specifications must be adapted to the physical properties of the ore, meet the requirements of processing capacity and product particle size, and consider the factors of equipment configuration. The physical properties related to ore crushing performance are mainly ore hardness, density, viscosity, clay content, moisture, and larger particle size in the ore feed. The relationship between the larger particle size of the ore feeder and the width of the feed port of the crusher is one of the main factors in choosing the crusher specifications. The technical staff of ShangHai SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. believes that for coarse crushers, the larger particle size for ore feeding should generally not be greater than 0.8-0.85 for the width of the feed hole; for medium and Construction Waste Crusher should not be greater than 0.85-0.9.
    Selection of coarse crushing equipment
    The ore processed by the metal mine beneficiation plant is generally hard or medium hard ore, suitable for the choice of jaw crusher or gyratory crusher; in some non-metallic ore or cement industries, when processing medium hard or soft ore, it is also Impact crusher can be used.
    The jaw crusher has a wide range of applications, and it can be used by large, medium and small beneficiation plants. The main advantages of the jaw crusher are: simple structure, light weight, low price, easy maintenance and transportation, small height, and small height of the plant; in terms of technology, its work is reliable, the ore outlet is easy to adjust, and the crushing is wet Ore and ore containing more clay are not easy to block. The main disadvantages are: the lining board is easy to wear, the processing capacity is lower than that of the gyratory crusher, the product particle size is uneven and there are too many large blocks, and it requires uniform feeding to the mine and needs to be set to the feeding equipment.
    Gyratory crusher is a kind of equipment with high crushing capacity, mainly used in large and medium-sized beneficiation plants. Compared with the jaw crusher, the main advantages are: large processing capacity, the processing capacity is 2.5-3.0 times that of the jaw crusher under the same width of the ore inlet and the outlet; the power consumption is less; the crushing chamber is lined The plate is evenly worn and the product size is uniform; the gyratory crusher with a specification of more than 900mm can be packed full of ore feeding, and no ore feeding equipment is required. The main disadvantages are: the equipment structure is more complicated, the equipment weight is heavy, a solid foundation is required, the body is tall, and a higher plant is required.
    Domestic gyratory crushers are divided into ordinary type and light type. Light type is generally only suitable for crushing ores with low hardness and low density such as limestone ore. In addition, there are two jaw crushers and gyratory crushers suitable for use under special conditions. One is a large-size disintegrating hoisting crusher, suitable for crushing operations in underground mines; the other is a semi-fixed or mobile crusher, suitable for crushing operations in underground mines; the other is semi-fixed or mobile Type crusher is suitable for rock or ore crushing operations at regular or irregular mobile locations in open-pit mining sites.
    For large and medium-sized beneficiation plants, before determining the use of jaw crusher or gyratory crusher, generally, technical and economic comparisons should be made from the aspects of total equipment weight, installation power, infrastructure investment, operating costs, equipment configuration, and process operation advantages and disadvantages. .
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