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Brands can reduce costs

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    May 9, 2020 10:47 AM HKT

    Brands can reduce costs and also produce highly consistent parts faster utilizing modern press brakes for medical parts.
    Typically linked to high-volume sheet metal generation, press brakes can mode metal components for health-related instruments, surgical tools, and testing devices, still conference stringent tolerances for top quality, size, and precision. Press brakes can form a huge variety of medical parts and allow manufacturers to maximize production and save prices with today’s technology.

    Building medical parts
    Growing desire for autoclave sterilization, surgical trays, and robotic surgery systems means companies must produce parts faster using higher consistency. Elk Grove Town, Illinois-based MC Machinery offers two main press brake series offering higher throughput with medical-grade consistency. BB series all-electric, modest form factor, small footprint machines are driven by ALTERNATING CURRENT servo motors and baseball screw drive mechanisms. They will maximize productivity with high ram speeds and high-precision repeatability (1µm).

    The BB series now offers a more ergonomic forming environment. Operators can sit down to form parts for the press brake and don’t ought to bend or move around a large machine. Several press brakes might be placed into the same footprint of an larger machine, allowing users to maximise revenue per square ft .. Also, because the products are electric, there are no temperature effects that could impact angularity.

    “Customers need to increase revenue per square foot sufficient reason for them reviewing their solution mix, they are seeing sometimes 80% of their latest lineup can fit over a 6ft or smaller touch brake, ” says David Bray, national press brake product manager at MC Equipment Systems.

    BH series press brakes use a progressive dual drive system to further improve productivity, positioning accuracy, and energy use when compared with conventional or hybrid media brakes. The drive technology allows about 200mm/sec. ram movement while maintaining accuracy and repeatability.

    “For probably the most part, the industry will be relatively new to what’s thought to be a third-generation hybrid, ” Bray clarifies. “Both of our units are driven down by a ball screw. In your BH series, it’s only while using the servo hybrid system with the forming. ”

    Servo amalgam forming provides three major benefits to users:

    Greater speed – The basketball screw’s fast down, rapid up movement is nearly instantaneous.

    “Whether an 8ft, 80-ton device or 250-ton machine, all my machines have the same speed, and I have sooner cycle time against my competitors in 2. SEVERAL seconds, ” Bray states that.

    Accuracy – The appliance drives down the ball screw with the hybrid system for each and every cylinder, measuring each side belonging to the machine three times. The typical hydraulic machine offers ±0. 0004" accuracy, as the servo-driven machines offer 1µm repeatable correctness.

    Bray adds, “A customer will be able to get that first part/right part considerably faster with these machines. ”

    Longer life cycle – Only when using the pressurized servo-hydraulic system pertaining to bending increases component life by 60%. Machines which typically had 10-year your life cycle for major component failure, could now last as much as 16 years. Throughout the particular machine’s lifetime, downtime events decrease to one or sometimes even zero before customers are searching for new capital equipment. large press brake 201911ld

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    April 8, 2021 1:50 PM HKT

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