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    >PNB Bank Business Loan

    Posted by Shubham12 on June 25th Josh Manson Jersey , 2019

    Business Loan EMI Calculator is a calculator designed to calculate the amount of EMI, payable each month to amortize the loan. The EMI computed includes the loan amount and the interest charged on the loan. This value remains the same throughout the tenure of the loan at fixed rate of interest.

    For example – If I avail a business loan of ₹50,00,000 to enhance the business productivity for the period of 3 years at an interest rate of 14.25% Derek Grant Jersey , to know the EMI using the Calculator is helpful here.

    Documents Required

    KYC documentsPAN Card Form 60 For All ApplicantCo- applicantGuarantorLast 2 years Income Tax Return documentBank statements for the last 6 months2-year financials including Profit & Loss (P&L) statement and balance sheetDocuments related to establishment of entity, identity and address proof documentsPurpose of Business Loans

    The most common reasons to take business loans are as follows

    1. Expanding Operations

    Buying land or leasing a property to expand business operations when you feel that your business has grown large enough and scaling up at this moment is an opportunity that you do not wish to forgo, a business based on its growth projections can go for expanding operations more than once.

    2. Purchase Equipment

    Technology has become a key driver in the information age of business, and since technology comes with a pre-set expiry date John Gibson Jersey , there is always a demand to purchase or upgrade existing equipment and technology. Buyingleasingreplacing a new equipment that will help improve the production or operations of the organization, alternatively the equipment can also be leased, it is best to conduct a cost-profit analysis to determine whether to buy or lease.

    The advantage with buying equipment is that depreciation can be claimed each year apart from the first-year tax exemptions.

    3. Purchase of inventory

    Most often small business would require immediate capital for the purchase of inventory stock or raw material. There may arise the situation where the demand for your product may be very high in the market. Businesses may not have the funds to get the raw materials to meet the rise in demand. This problem can be solved when individuals and entrepreneurs take loans to buy the inventory needed for production.

    You can get a business loan from PNB Bank in the following ways:

    Online - by filling the Online Application Form on their website. A bank representative will get in touch with you.In person - by visiting the nearest PNB Bank branch and submitting the application and required documentation.By phone - you can call customer care for help with your PNB Bank Business Loan application.

    Need help? If you think you need help with your PNB Bank Business Loan Application and advice on loan eligibility, PNB Bank can guide you through the entire process and match you with the loan offer that best suits your profile.

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