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When interior designers look at suede fabric manufacturers

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    May 20, 2020 9:58 AM HKT


    When interior designers look at suede fabric manufacturers giving a room a makeover one of the first materials they will look at is velvet fabric. This is because velvet just oozes class and when used in furnishing and drapes it gives a room a luxuriant feel. In cooler climates velvet is often the material of choice because it is so heavy that it insulates windows and doors blocking out draughts and keeping the home much warmer. Velvet fabric has also been made into clothing with women especially liking the material for long evening dresses or fashionable waistcoats.

    At first velvet fabric was made from pure silk and was only a material that was used by royalty because it was so expensive to buy, but as cotton velvet began to become more common the price range started to come within ordinary people’s budget range and thus became more popular. When using velvet it is necessary to make drapes or clothing paying great attention to the way the nap of the cloth is running. This is so the cloth will look even; one piece of material sewn into a garment the wrong way could ruin the whole effect.

    Caring for velvet fabric also needs to be done diligently if it is to be stored away for any length of time then folding it is not advisable, it is far better to roll the material so that there will be no crease or fold marks next time it is used. One popular use for velvet fabric over the years has been in the theater, the drapes that separate the front of the stage from the audience are often made from this material, the curtains are so heavy that they need strong wire to operate the mechanism that opens and closes them.

    Velvet fabric is a great cloth for use around the home and for making warm garments, because of its insulating properties it is now a winter material of choice. Another popular use for velvet fabric especially in the 1970s was to use the material as a background for paintings, velvet cloth which was normally black so that the colors would stand out more, was used extensively on mass produces paintings of the time. Special production lines were made at factories that employed hundreds of painters who each added a part of a picture as it was passed down the production chain.

    If you are looking for a classy material for your next room design then consider velvet fabric a hard wearing but luxurious material that will not disappoint.

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