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Ways to get a Wind Sword for World of Warcraft Classic Games

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    July 14, 2020 11:52 AM HKT

    In World of Warcraft Classic, the demand for Windface is very high, and if players want to get the Wind Sword, they must gather two Windfaces, because the drop rate of Windface is very low, so there are many players in World of Warcraft Classic who hold one Windface and wait for another one.

    Before the current version, World of Warcraft classic players would practice multiple priest and hunter accounts in order to get the Wind Sword as soon as possible, intending to play any account they could get, which was a huge waste of time and a probability problem.

    Prior to the current version, World of Warcraft Classic players would train multiple cleric and hunter accounts at once in order to get their Windjammer as quickly as possible, intending to It's a waste of time and a matter of probability to play with whichever account is available, so it's often the case that several characters are holding the The single face suffering waiting for another wind face, a situation that not only wastes a lot of time, but costs more coins, and going The lootwowgold website to buy WoW Gold Cheap Classic, can be the perfect solution to the "single-faced man" problem, not only It saves a lot of time and a lot of wow classic gold.

    For example, a player who wants a Wind Sword can train 4 characters separately, and then enter a MC group as a "pure" character without a wind face. The boss", when a MC gold group drops the wind face, choose a character to get this wind face, you can choose any job to be the This character then just goes offline no longer online. After that use the remaining 3 characters to go to each of the other gold groups and spend another wind face, which character bought another wind face. The first number directly trades the previous wind face to the character behind it to make up the double wind face.