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    May 24, 2021 4:13 PM HKT


    China Stainless Steel Sink Company introduces which countertops for stainless steel sinks?

    1. Pearl noodles
    Some people also call pearl silver noodles, frosted noodles, and pearl frosted noodles. It is made of organic chemical electrolyte solution for surface solution (in short, it is similar to electroplating process). This kind of surface process is very simple, low-tech, and low-cost production. The price of product output is also relatively low. At this stage, 90% of nearly 2,000 manufacturers across the country apply this technology to manufacture. Many first-tier brands also use this kind of technology to capture the low-end sales market. However, the major disadvantage of this type of surface is that it is not scratch-resistant, the surface is very easy to scratch, and the coating will fall off when it is more serious. Therefore, many stainless steel sink manufacturers slowly replace this whole process with other whole processes.

    2. Matte surface
    Also called pearl sand soup noodles. It uses small stones to collide with the surface of the smart stainless steel sink at a high speed and evenly, so that the surface produces fine concave grooves (not visible to human eyes), and improves the strength of the smart stainless steel sink surface, which also improves it. s surface. Scratch resistance. This basic principle is equivalent to shot peening in machining and manufacturing. This type of solution generally stipulates that the thickness of the board cannot be too thin. Generally, all Larsen water storage tanks use this method.

    3. Brushed noodles
    Also called velvet fabric. Apply wire drawing machines and equipment to continuously draw wire on the surface of the smart stainless steel sink (equivalent to a precision tool grinder in mechanical processing and manufacturing). It produces a series of thin stripes on the surface, and the surface is extremely smooth. It has a clear sense of harmony in its hands and visual effects. Because the cable is immediately welded and heat-treated on the surface of the smart stainless steel sink, the requirements for the board are very high. Domestic metal sheet wire drawing sometimes has fine particles on the surface, which harms the appearance. Therefore, most of the drawing boards are imported boards.

    4. Embossed surface
    It is to suppress the standard pattern design on the surface of the smart stainless steel sink, or immediately suppress the embossed pattern board (equivalent to the pattern design thick steel plate applied on the overpass on the road), and then apply the pearl surface solution method to carry out the surface solution. The visual impact of the embossed pattern surface is also very good, but the long-term oil-soluble smoke in the restaurant kitchen will accumulate stains in the pattern design and cannot be cleaned.

    5. Mirror glass
    The surface of the smart stainless steel sink is constantly polished to make the surface look like a bathroom mirror. This type of treatment discomfort is used by ordinary people. Stainless steel sink manufacturers are prone to scratches during the entire application process.

    Through the above introduction, Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Company hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.