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CIMA E3, F3 & P3 Dumps Questions

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    June 22, 2021 4:34 PM HKT

    CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) is the most recognized professional body of management accountants that provides opportunity to those who want to carve their career with business accounting qualification. Through CIMA qualification, you are supposed to have comprehensive understanding and critical skills that are in demand around the world and can be used in any business. CIMA offers three levels of professional qualification i.e. Operational, Management and Strategic. But to start your career in CIMA qualification, you need to take an entry rout with CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting which is bridge to professional qualification. CIMA Strategic Level belongs to strategic level which is the final and most advanced level of CIMA qualification. In this certification you learn to make strategic decisions and their contextual implementation. You need to complete management level or have exemptions before your registration in this certification. You need to have advanced knowledge and skills at this level. And it is possible only if you prepare from a reliable and valid material like CIMA E3, F3 & P3 Dumps which covers all the syllabus contents to get you ready for your exam. In the following you are given a detailed description of the exam topics.

    A Summary of Syllabus Topics:

    You will have to deeply study the following topics to pass CIMA Strategic Level and these topics can easily be covered with the help of CIMA E3, F3 & P3 Study Material.

    (Syllabus for E3)

    • You will have to spend almost 20% of your time studying Interacting with the Organization’s Environment.
    • 30% time is needed to prepare the topic Evaluating Strategic Position and Strategic Options.
    • Leading Change will take 20% of your study time.
    • Implementing Strategy requires 15% time.
    • The Role of Information Systems in Organizational Strategy is also an important topic that will demand for 15% time to be studied.

    (Syllabus for F3)

    • 25% study time is to be spent on Formulation of Financial Strategy.
    • Financing and Dividend Decisions require almost 35% time for preparation.
    • According to the importance of topic you need to pay 40% attention to Corporate Finance.

    (Syllabus for P3)

    • Identification, Classification and Evaluation of Risk need 20% time to get a good understanding of the subject.
    • 20% time is to be served for Responses to Strategic Risk.
    • Internal Control to Manage Risk demands for 20% time to fully prepare the topic.
    • You have to spend 20% time in learning Managing Risks Associated with Cash Flows.
    • You should be able to Manage Risks Associated with Capital Investment Decisions and it would take 20 % of your time.

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    Assessment & Description of the Exam:

    You can choose any of the 5000 Pearson VUE Centers working around the world. You have to solve a computer based Objective Test that includes multiple choice questions, number entry questions, drag and drop questions and possibly some other formats. You have to solve this test within 90 minutes. As this is a computer marked test so the result will be available within 48 hours of confirmation. You will ace this test by fulfilling all the requirements if you will be well prepared from CIMA E3, F3 & P3 Questions & Answers which instills in you the solid idea of each concept.

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    Role of CGMA Competency Framework:
    CIMA has developed a competency framework according to the finance staff’s required skills and knowledge of the employers. This CGMA Competency Framework has been used in professional qualifications. There are four major areas of this framework.

    1. Technical Skills deals with the application of accounting and finance skills such as financial accounting and reporting, risk management and internal control etc.
    2. Business skills are used in the context of business such as process management and business relations etc.
    3. Negotiation skills, decision-making and collaborating working and communication can be taken as examples of people skills. People skills help in influencing people.
    4. Leadership skills are used for team building and deriving performance etc. It tells how to lead within the organization.

    Ethics, Integrity and Professionalism corroborates the all.