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carbide bushing

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    October 14, 2021 4:42 PM HKT

    The key function of cemented carbide bushing is always that the bushing is a sorts of component to protect kit. The use of bushing might effectively reduce the have on between punch or bearing and the equipment, and achieve a new guiding role. In your aspect of stamping die, tungsten steel bush is traditional because of its wear-resistant, good finish no need of frequent replacement unit, so as to attain higher utilization rate involving equipment and personnel.

    While in the aspect of drawing, the hard alloy bushing is mainly the drawing of some copper and s / s parts. Due to the high frequency of use, it is easy to heat up and produce wear bushing, which can make the punching pin work, the size error on the product and the appearance in the product bad.

    With the increase of oil production and the decrease of oil within the shallow surface, in order to ensure the application of oil, people gradually become deep wells and deviated wells, women and men difficulty of oil generation is gradually increasing, to ensure the parts of oil production should have good wear resistance, rust resistance or impact opposition.

    As a wear-resistant component of petroleum machinery well, cemented carbide bushing includes high hardness, good use resistance and high end. It has been trusted in modern society along with meets the needs connected with daily use and particular performance. Some enterprises adopt spray welding technology to further improve the durability and support life of cemented carbide bushing.

    The hardness in the spray welded hard metal bushing can reach HRC60, and also the wear resistance is better, which can meet the employment requirements of the petroleum machinery industry. However, the spray welded hard alloy bushing needs to be turned to ensure the dimensional requirements and accuracy requirements belonging to the drawings.

    Common tool resources include carbide tool, ceramic tool and CBN tool, but carbide tool could be excluded from the hardness of carbide bushing. Although ceramic tool would work for machining high hardness workpiece, it is only suitable for finishing process with compact allowance. Therefore, the best choice tool material for machining the actual cemented carbide bushing may be the cubic boron nitride instrument.