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Insulating Fire Brick

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    October 14, 2021 4:55 PM HKT

    Insulation Firebricks, also known since soft bricks or IFB, utilized in high temperature applications starting from 2, 000°F (1, 093°C) to 3, 200°F (1, 760°C). The bricks are made of high purity refractory clays and other ceramic raw materials in line with international standards, and are suitable to perform in various temperatures and atmospheres as long as 3000°F. IFB bricks do contain a carefully graded organic filler that is certainly burned out during the manufacturing process to deliver a uniform controlled pore structure. This high porous fee provides excellent insulating properties while causing the bricks lightweight.

    Our office provides the entire range of insulating firebricks, presenting unsurpassed performance and price, for a wide number of applications, and industries. Use of the bricks is is frequent in residential, commercial, in addition to industrial applications. Additionally, the bricks are lightweight and are also easily modified or lower with standard hand methods.

    If you need a specific grade, machining, or different shapes please usually do not hesitate to contact our office directly for your custom quote. Our manufacturing can produce all sorts of IFB wedge, arch, split, and key stones, as well as hearth plates. Additionally, we offer cast to shape parts per drawings in loads of castable refractory cements.