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Get 3I0-010 Exam Practice Tests for Quick preparation

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    October 26, 2021 7:25 PM HKT

    Are you in the IT industry? Do you have any plans to try the popular ACI certification 3I0-012 IT certification exam? If you are interested in acquiring an IT certification certificate, please contact us. PassExam4Sure's ACI certification 3I0-012 Test Dumps exam is the best way to pass the exam. PassExam4Sure's ACI certification 3I0-012 dumps are the best and latest version with high quality at an affordable price. Do you want to go to PassExam4Sure dumps?

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    Exam Information:


    Exam Number/Code: 3I0-012

    Exam Name: ACI (ACI Dealing Certificate)

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    Question No : 1

    A 30-day 4% CD with a face value of GBP 20,000,000.00 is trading in the secondary

    market with 20 days remaining to maturity at 4.05%.

    What would be your holding period yield if you bought the CD now and held it to maturity?

    A. 4.05%

    B. 4.0%

    C. 3.891%

    D. 3.838%

    Answer: B


    Question No : 2

    Regarding access to production systems, which of the following is incorrect?

    A. Profiles for functions are encouraged and should be reviewed semi-annually by a


    B. Developers should have unrestricted access to production systems.

    C. Access to production systems should be rigorously controlled.

    D. Users should not have access to change system functionalities.

    Answer: B


    Question No : 3

    The use of standard settlement instructions (SSI’s) is strongly encouraged because:

    A. It reduces operational risk.

    B. It splits differences arising from failed settlement between the two counterparties.

    C. It removes the need for sending out SWIFT payment authorisations.

    D. All of the above.

    Answer: A


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