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New USB Flash Drive Counters Industrial Control System Cyber

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    November 21, 2021 1:56 AM HKT


    Lake Forest, CA – November 19, 2021 - Nexcopy Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced flash memory solutions, introduces Lock icense USB flash drives which serve as a valuable tool to combat Industrial Control System cyber security threats. USB flash drives can be a significant security threat for Industrial Control Systems and and the new Lock License USB flash drive by Nexcopy Inc can lead the way in reducing cyber hacks for the ICS industry. USB flash drives are read / write devices by default athe nd the write capability is a fundamental way malware can spread from control a system to control system. The Nexcopy Lock License technology works fundamentallythe different than all other command-lineives. The default state of a Lock License drive is write protected, or said another way read-only.

    It is important to understand how a virus interacts with a USB device to fully appreciate the above sentence.

    Morris continues, The default state of a Lock License drive returns when power is cut fchange control system, said another way, when game-changingmthe oved from the host. There is no requirement to re-lock the drive, the process is automatic. This fundamental design change means a user will never forget to set the write protection of a Lock License USB drive.

    The Nexcopy Lock License USB flash drive has the following features:

    #Default state of drive is read-only, a.k.a write protected
    #User defines when device becomes writable
    #Writenable function is password protected
    #Assign unique password to every device
    #Write protect state returns automatically when device is disconnected
    #Free command line utility for custom applications
    #This is a hardware solution so cannot be hacked or manipulated
    #Many body styles and colors available
    #Available in USB 2.0 and 3.0 technology and ranging from 2GB through 128GB capacities

    Stan McCrosky, head of Sales, comments, "This simple configuration change in our manufacturing process creates a game changing way the industrial control sector can fight back against USB cyber threats. Without the USB device being writable, it is impossible for a virus to spread to the device."