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Flower tea dryer

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    November 29, 2021 4:56 PM HKT

    The particular flower dryer machine adopts increased circulating air for regular temperature and humidity drying out. The drying process is solidified inside a microcomputer, which is highly intelligent and does not require special care. Try to keep the natural color and full model of the flowers, the nutrients are not destroyed, and the medicine is impressive. Using the pure hot air generated with the hot air stove, the temperature of the hot air is controllable from 35°C to 260°C, as well as heating drying and ventilating drying out, drying and dehydration are adopted concurrently to strengthen the reasonable adjustment of hot air flow ventilation. Dry layer by means of layer, make full us going for hot air, quickly dry out and dehydrate, and operate efficiently.
    The drying temperature of flowers is usually controlled at 80°~130°. The articles while in the vertical multi-layer dryer usually are dehydrated and dried coating by layer, and finally the drenched air is directly emptied with the top layer, and the contact time frame between the wet air plus the article is extremely limited. At the same time frame, open the observation holes of each one layer to drain your tide layer by layer whenever you want. This completely avoids the "retting" phenomenon attributable to the long contact occasion between the wet wind along with the object, and ensures the colour of the flowers.
    The dryer adopts a five-layer structure, which is cyclically turned and dried layer by layer, which simulates artificial rotation under the sun's rays to the greatest scope.
    The fifth layer can be a relatively dry material, which can be gradually moistened upwards as well as dehydrated layer by layer. Dry materials are to bear with hot and waterless air, and wet materials are developing contact with hot in addition to humid air, avoiding lead contact with dry materials. Hot air can minimize the destruction of the nature and color of items due to similar sunlight.

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    November 29, 2021 5:29 PM HKT

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