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Why Should I Install Access Control in My Business?

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    December 2, 2021 8:33 PM HKT

    To look at this, we have to approach it with a different mind set. Many businesses install intruder alarm systems which will detect when someone is ALREADY INSIDE your property. The concept now could be to stop the individuals getting inside in the very first place. By installing Access Control, you are proactively attempting to stop people getting through your doors etc, via the utilization of electronically controlled locks, thus increasing the security and integrity of your premises. It's estimated that only 1 in 8 business crimes are reported in the UK - this is simply not necessarily due to the costs involved (such as repairs to damage, replacement of stolen goods or insurance premiums rising) but in addition due to the time involved in reporting it, filling out the relevant forms and telephone calls etc.

    What type of access control system Should I install a smart lock?

    This can rely on several factors. The size and form of your organization and, needless to say, budget. Generally speaking a straightforward stand-alone digital keypad that controls an electric solenoid release is classed as 'controlled access' ;.If you just have a front door then an audio/video door entry intercom system might be easier to greet your guests and visitors. Larger premises may benefit by installing a networked system that will control many doors with a large number of users together with user-friendly software. The optional software allows the manager to keep an audit trail of times and areas which were accessed and to also allow or bar certain users/cardholders from areas they shouldn't be going into. Programmable Timezones can be incorporated to stop use of individual cards or perhaps a complete pair of doors. Proximity card technology has improved and is an economical means of introducing access control with minimum maintenance. High security sites may want to go one further with Biometric readers or Smart Cards. There are currently many manufacturers within the market including Inner Range, Paxton, TDSi, PAC, ACT, BSB Progeny, Bewator and Europlex. When looking at installing a method to your premises it could be smart to choose a method that is widely available and not a 'closed-protocol' or proprietary system. This is because if you feel unhappy with your access provider, it is possible to 'move' to another for a much better service for instance. Car key not working

    Whatever system you choose, make sure to work closely with your installer to get the most effective from one's body to provide you with several years of service together with reassurance - it will also be easily expandable letting you add doors and users as your organization grows.