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Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Share How To Use The Sink

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    August 29, 2019 9:13 AM HKT

    Many times the rust of stainless steel sinks is not due to quality problems, but due to improper use by users. How to prevent the sink from rusting and tell customers to deal with rust? Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers will share the precautions for sink rust:

    When the house is still being renovated, it is necessary to pay attention to the ventilation of the normally open window to avoid the corrosive gas emitted by the decoration material oxidizing the surface of the water tank, thereby causing the water tank to rust;

    When the customer's home is being renovated, it can be coated with a layer of oil on the surface of the sink. When used, it will not rust more than the ordinary sink. When using the sink for a long time, you can use the same method! If you have a rust, use a toothpaste at home and wipe it with a five-powder powder to achieve a good rust removal effect;

    After using the water tank, use water as much as possible, and dry it. Do not let water droplets remain on the surface of the water tank. High-iron content may cause brownish red marks on the surface. If water spots are generated, use decontamination powder or pickled cucumber. Up

    If the water that has not been dried normally has produced water stains that are difficult to remove, it can be removed with a low concentration of vinegar solution, and finally completely washed with water;

    Stainless steel sink molding is done by wire drawing. The powder generated during the drawing process will adhere to the surface of the water tank. Once it is used, it will react with air and water. If it does not dry the scale of the water tank in time, water will be produced. Rust, as long as it is cleaned in time, the rust will disappear; to clean the sink frequently, it is best to use sponge, cloth and neutral detergent;

    When scrubbing the sink, try not to use steel wool, steel brush or rough brush. Because of their high scrubbing force, it is easy to scratch the stainless protective film of the sink or make the metal particles adhere to the basin wall. Affect the service life of the sink;

    Try not to use a rubber pad in the sink, because the dirt under the rubber pad is difficult to clean; if you accidentally drop the photographic drug or welding melt into the sink, you should immediately wash it with water.

    Do not touch the surface of the sink with liquid containing heavy metals. Otherwise, it may cause discoloration or rust on the surface. If it is contaminated, immediately dry the sink with a towel.

    When using, let the sink avoid contact with drift powder, household chemicals and soap for a long time. If it is used, wash it with water as soon as possible and dry the tank with a towel.

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