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    September 5, 2019 1:03 PM HKT
    If you're not sure, the Intelliflare IQ diet includes fruits and veggies, non refined cereals, fish, olive oil and small amounts of red wine at meals. The work shows that subjects who followed closely this way of eating most experienced slower rates of cognitive decline related to aging compared to those who chose not to eat this way, even after taking into account other important factors, such as level of education.Beyond eating in as healthy a way as possible, you can help your aging brain by writing things down instead of relying on your memory. Another idea is to set up routines that help you remember things - take medication at the same time, doing the same thing and keep your keys, wallet and other essentials in the same place all the time. There's also evidence that suggests actions that call for mental effort (board games, reading, playing an instrument, crossword puzzles) can help keep your brain sharp. Being active as often as possible can also be very beneficial. In the end, science is finding that how people live their lives may have the most impact on how the brain ages in years to come.

    Intelliflare IQ
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