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10 Unique Advantages Of China Stainless Steel Sink

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    October 10, 2019 11:35 AM HKT

    The number of people who purchase China Stainless Steel Sink exceeds that of any other type of sink. It is widely used in industrial, architectural, cooking and residential applications. Stainless steel is a low carbon steel with a chromium content of 10.5% or more. This addition of chromium gives the steel a unique stainless steel resistance to corrosion and enhanced mechanical properties.

    It has many advantages and features that make it an excellent choice in most environments:

    1. Affordable - very affordable to high-end, stainless steel models to meet various needs.

    2. Improvements – New technologies enable continuous improvement and upgrade of stainless steel sinks. The newer 16 and 18 caliber sinks are thicker and less noisy than the previously cheaper sinks.

    3. Durable – stainless steel is very durable! Stainless steel is ideal for sinks and other applications because it does not break, crack, fade or stain.

    4. Larger bowl capacity – Compared to cast iron or many other materials, stainless steel is relatively light in weight but high in strength, so it can be made into larger, deeper bowls.

    5. Easy to maintain – stainless steel is easy to maintain and is not affected by daily chemicals. After cleaning with household cleaners and soft towels, the original luster can be retained. As a result, it makes it an ideal surface for kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, laundry sinks and any other design and residential applications.

    6. Will not rust - this metal has a rich glow and enhances the natural corrosion resistance. Available stainless steel finishes range from mirror-like finish to satin finish.

    7. Absorbing impact – Stainless steel can actually “apply” impact forces to help cushion crystals, fine porcelain, everyday glassware and ceramic tableware to prevent accidental damage.

    8. Emphasize the details – stainless steel sinks and appliances can accentuate the unique architectural details and striking decor of the room. Its clean lines and cool texture reflect the surrounding colors and patterns. After the fashion color is out of date, the timeless stainless steel appearance will add a lot to your decoration.

    9. Long service life – Stainless steel is the best choice for years of optimum performance and consistently high quality appearance.

    10. Recyclable and environmentally friendly “green” – stainless steel is a recyclable material. Stainless steel does not degrade or lose any characteristics during the recycling process, so stainless steel sinks are a good green choice.

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