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Packaging Development Trends 2019

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    October 10, 2019 4:09 PM HKT

    This year, Pastel colors, Vintage style, and big "Big & Bold" typography still remain. For the novelties, two trends are distinguished: either a style marked with the 3D effect and gradients in bright colors or a more minimalist style that goes with the natural and ecology.

    3D typography

    3D printing should become very popular in 2019.We can print in 3D on your transparent packaging and give them a new look. 3D typography can be stylish in any way and will be able to follow and respect the style of your brand.


    Not only do the gradients catch the eye of the consumer, but they also bring out your packaging. The current trend of the gradient is to use bright colors. Gradients work well on transparent packaging because they give a more dimensional feel.


    In 2018, simplicity was a trend, it will remain valid in 2019. The big difference this year lies in the use of bright colors with a minimalist text. We offers a recyclable bubble envelopes / transparent packaging of high quality of material and printing, made to measure, with infinite possibilities of design.

    Recyclable packaging.

    In 2018, recyclable packaging was a hot topic. Ensuring that your packaging can be recycled is very important.