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    If you happen to be planning that once in a lifetime trip, then why not think about a Europe break next year? Forget France Cheap Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 , Italy, Spain or Portugal, London is the place to visit, and what is more the city (in addition to a few out of town venues) is hosting the 2012 Olympic Games.

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    Hotel lodging may prove to be a scarce, costly, or both. If you happen to find that the standard lodging isn’t readily available consider renting a Londoner’s home. Renting a local’s home can prove to be considerably more cost effective than hotels and can be simply sourced by viewing one of many web sites that list houses for short leases of one or two weeks Cheap Ultra Boost 2019 , to search out one, just type something like ‘Renting House for Olympics’ into a search engine.

    Here our dream Itinerary;

    Week One
    Choose an airline like British Airways and fly in to London Heathrow or Gatwick. You can either stay in a hotel, or lease a local property from a web site like London Games Rentals. Be careful to book this part of your journey early though as the Olympics will attract many more visitors to London than normal and accommodation will be scarce, particularly after the Easter break. Some industry insiders are forecasting a further 500,000 guests to London as a direct results of the games and that on top of the normal increase in tourism at this time of the year. Factor in the weak pound and it will be busy.

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