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FIFA president Sepp Blatter announced earlier

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    RIO DE JANEIRO, Nov. 20 (Xinhua) -- The naming rights of Sao Paulo's World Cup football stadium are set to be sold to a Middle Eastern investment group.

    Officials from Brazilian club Corinthians, who own the stadium cheap nike air vapormax 2018 , will next week travel to the United Arab Emirates to meet with representatives of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Folha de S.Paulo reported on Wednesday.

    It is understood the club is seeking 175 million US dollars for a 20-year agreement.

    ""There is no guarantee of success in the negotiations but there is a chance and it's a good chance,"" Corinthians advisor Edgar Ortiz told the newspaper.

    Any deal for the stadium, currently named Arena Corinthians or Itaquerao, will be delayed until after next year's World Cup due to a ban by world football's governing body FIFA on venue naming rights.

    Arena Corinthians will host six World Cup matches cheap nike air vapormax , including the tournament opener on June 12.


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