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    May 18, 2019 11:35 AM HKT

    BEIJING , Jan. 23 (Xinhua) -- China Tuesday called on Japan to honor its commitment to improving relations with China and translate its positive remarks into concrete policies and actions.

    Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying made the comment after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stressed Japan's willingness to promote the relationship with China.

    In addition to Abe's remarks in his policy speech at the opening of this year's ordinary Diet session on Monday, Foreign Minister Taro Kono said Japan will use this year's 40th anniversary of the signing of a bilateral peace and friendship treaty as an opportunity to promote exchanges between the two peoples and strengthen bilateral economic ties.

    "China hopes Japan will work with China to increase communication and mutual trust and handle the differences properly for the development of bilateral relations on the right track," Hua said at a regular news briefing.

    Hua said the two countries should work in accordance with the four-point principled consensus reached in 2014 and take the advantage of the 40th anniversary of the signing of the China-Japan Peace and Friendship Treaty this year to improve and develop bilateral relations.

    China is willing to cooperate with Japan and other parties on the Belt and Road Initiative to realize common development and prosperity among countries in the region, Hua said.

    Despite positive remarks on improving relations with China, Kono said that Japan "cannot accept any attempt to change the status quo" in the East China Sea Grossiste Air Max Fille , according to Japanese media.

    "We are also aware of Japan's stance on the East China Sea. We hope Japan will match its words and deeds, and translate its positive remarks into concrete policies and actions to improve relations with China," the spokesperson said.

    You may think everything is going along smoothly. You’re not in any financial trouble, or so you think. You read the stories and watch the news reports and think, “That’s not me. I don’t have to worry! I’m not like those other guys.” But Grossiste Air Max Achat , can you be sure? Most of those “other guys” didn’t get into debt up to their eyeballs, lose their homes and cars, or find themselves in bankruptcy court on purpose. They thought things would be just fine, okey-dokey-hunky-dory. They weren’t like “those other guys” either.

    So what happened? And how can you make sure it doesn’t happen to you?

    Don’t let credit card debt sneak up on you. Know the signs of trouble and head it off at the pass before it can get its claws into you.

    1. Using credit cards to cover essential needs. Your income should be budgeted so it covers the essentials – utilities, food Grossiste Air Max Junior , gas, etc. If you are managing your money so poorly, or are in such financial straits that your income isn’t able to take care of the essentials necessary for daily life to function, you may be headed into credit card debt trouble.

    2. You’re on the credit card merry-go-round. If you’re using one credit card to pay off another, watch out! If you’re opening new accounts with lower rates to avoid paying this month’s payment Grossiste Air Max Femme , watch out! It’s alright to open a new account to take advantage of a lower interest rate, but doing it too frequently can signal credit score reports that you might be in trouble. Doing it to avoid making your payments is a sign that you are in trouble.

    3. You charge more per month than you pay off. This is a big no-no, and another sign that you could be headed into credit card debt. This means that not only are you not paying off your monthly balance, but you’re racking up more and more debt each month. Never charge more than you pay, even if you don’t pay off your balance at the end of the month. The mounting debt will soon overwhelm you.

    4. You don’t have an emergency savings. Having a savings account for dealing with financial emergencies is not only a smart thing Grossiste Air Max Homme , but can save you vast amounts of large credit card debt. After all, cars do break down unexpectedly, health emergencies do arise, and the plumbing never seems to fail when you’re flush with cash. Relying on credit cards for emergency contingencies isn’t smart because the high costs associated with many true emergencies will stretch your budget even further than it already is, possibly past the breaking point.

    5. You haven’t planned how to pay-off what you already owe. By not planning Grossiste Air Max Chine , there is really no end in sight, is there? The credit card debt will stay there for who knows how long, causing you to unnecessarily pay higher amounts of interest fees and service fees than you should. Not having a repayment plan in place is one sure sign that trouble may be looming, as you have no real control over your credit card debt.

    Consolidated Credit Counseling Services ( is a credit counseling agency that helps consumers deal with credit, debt Grossiste Air Max Pas Cher , and financial issues. Stay current with the latest money news.

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