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    October 16, 2019 10:34 PM HKT

    I've used topcamslist  website. At first I tried it because the idea of interactive porn seemed quite attractive. However, what happened was I started forming bonds with some of the girls, and in the end, I was going there for companionship, and was quite happy just chatting, especially with one girl, who was beautiful and really nice to chat to, I got a bad crush on her.
    I stopped then, as I felt I was getting to emotionally involved and it was costing me a fortune. (£1.99 a minite soon adds up!!)

    Also, from chatting, I found out that a lot of the eastern european, russian etc girls do this because they can earn far more than the national average wage in their country. In the ukraine for eg, the girls make 5 times that. Many do it to pay their way through college, so they can get an education. Others have elderly relatives they want to look after, to pay medical bills etc etc.
    And some do it, because they like it! or just want to be able to buy things a western girl could afford on a checkout ops wage. Things they could never afford in a 'normal' job in their countries, were very low pay is the norm.

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    October 25, 2019 11:22 PM HKT

    My ideal session with big tits webcam would go like this.
    Find a good looking girl still all dressed. Not lingerie. That's important. It has to be something you could see someone wear outside.
    Usually it ends up being in a less popular channel because the pros are already naked doing their shows. 
    Then just fantasize about seeing this person naked, just like I would do after seeing someone in real life that was extra intriguing. Only now, there's the extra thrill of that I might actually get to see everything. That's what I like, and if I'm lucky the person does a good job teasing the audience for some time. The climax would be the big reveal, the undressing or the flashing, which I would sometimes put in tips for to get. I only tip anonymously as I don`t want to be part of it. I only want to spy on it.
    The reveal is comparable to the same excitement you have when you get to see your date undress for the first time. It can only happen once per person however, because then the fantasy is ruined and replaced with reality.
    So yeah, thanks for making put my voyeuristic side into words for the first time.

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    February 11, 2020 3:26 AM HKT

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