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Pack Odds In FIFA 20: Opportunities Getting Messi Or Ronaldo

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    November 6, 2019 5:58 PM HKT

      I bet that every FIFA 20 Ultimate Team player particularly wants to pack one of the game's greatest players, but the real issue is, what are the pack probabilities in the game of FIFA 20?

      As we know, FIFA Ultimate Team still continues to be the most popular game mode in EA Sports' annual franchise, and also that is no different for FIFA 20. All around the world, football fans are building their dream squads and then combining players from different nations and leagues to make their very own Ultimate Team.
      FIFA 20 squads can be improved by opening packs from the Store or else purchasing players on the Transfer Market. And the packs can be bought using real money on EA points or else in-game currency we usually call it FIFA 20 coins. A pack contains a random assortment of players and some other items, but amid protests over gambling and loot boxes, now EA Sports shows the odds of what you can open in each pack. Despite this, it is quite random and the opportunities of packing Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo are extremely slim.
      Gold, Silver and Bronze packs are always available for purchase in the Store, but each weekend, usually, there are promo packs released which have some extra players or extra rare cards but usually cost more FIFA 20 Ultimate Team coins or points. And some seasonal events and promotions also see the release of much rarer packs which offer better opportunities at very high-rated players.
      Question: Which Packs Offer The Best Players?
      Keep in mind that the best packs to buy in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team are the packs available during some special promotions like the Ultimate Scream at Halloween or FUTmas. During these periods, special promotional packs are made available in the store for a limited time or also in limited quantities.
      The rarest and also the most popular of these are the Jumbo Rare Players Pack and Ultimate Pack because they contain the rarest gold players. A very good rule of thumb is to purchase the packs with more rare gold players because these usually produce the best rewards. For some FIFA veterans, they have already known the fact that EA Sports started showing pack probabilities in last year's version of the game and now you can see what your opportunities are of pulling a player of a certain rating. This helps decide which packs you should spend FIFA 20 coins you farmed or FIFA points on.
      Usually, the packs which only contain players and no consumables are more rewarding than ones which are a combination of players and some other items, however, under some circumstances, the mixed packs can offer better rewards. And of course, it's always a pretty good idea to check the pack odds before making final decisions about which packs to buy.
      Now you can check the table below for the probabilities of pulling a player above a certain rating for nearly every pack in the game.
      Now you can check the table below for the probabilities of pulling a player above a certain rating for nearly every pack in the game.
      The Odds Of Completing FIFA 20 Pack:
      The Odds Of FIFA 20 Gold Pack:
      The Odds Of FIFA 20 Silver Pack:
      The Odds Of FIFA 20 Bronze Pack: