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What's the reason why to Mut 21 coins

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    September 7, 2020

    What's the reason why to Mut 21 coins add this crap into a match I know they need money but there is plenty of other techniques to get that like COSMETICS, MOUNTS, DIFFERENT SERVICES ETC if all these programmers understand the way the damn MMORPG works why can't they just literally do something GOOD they will know is gonna WORK can't they know that these cashgrab games hardly have a lifetime of over five decades?

    Why does it feel like all programmers must do a days is just....release the"function" for addictive gameplay, slap something fairly on it and release a fair product. No respect for the customer. It hard to think that gamers buy into this crap. But here we are generic mmo. They literally place out of each mmo that's come out in the previous 5 years in EVERY mechanic, the UI even looks near the exact same as BDO.

    They allow world PvP to force pressure on the participant to make players spend money to catch up and"remain competitive" with the curve, so it's a system that is dependent upon the drive of these no life players to push the ceiling higher and higher to create stress in players who wish to keep up, at no cost. MMOs are a bare wasteland just a couple are still here.A characteristic that I couldn't live without in every Korean MMO (especailly BDO) is the same feature that I'm glad it's not in .

    I would not use it because I'd be afraid to lose out on the random puzzle or random event chains or arbitrary world boss I come across even if it had been there. From what I've gathered up to now concerning buy Madden 21 coins, it just sounds Kakao being that the writer doesn't exude any optimism either and like yet another Korean MMO and it simply ai not it.