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Even bother using it to OSRS gold

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    Sep 9

    I was trying to afk some agility.I was doing seers and they were all scattered across various rooftops. How does different spawn locations mean unstackable?And because you watched over 1 marks of grace as you said"they",did you simply just not pick more than 1 up hroughout your agility training?Would not even bother using it to OSRS gold get altars anymore.Create a few hidey holes,do some quests and outside that there's not any purpose at all for the skill to exist.

    The skill serves no purpose.Needs an entire rework and individuals will need to stop pretending like having an in-house Bank is a sport destroyer,like we do not have 1 click infinite access to several banks with the ability to come back to our prior location just as instantly.If you want nstruction for a fantastic rewarding cosmetic QoL skill to build a GOOD home with,you want banking, correct trophy display,the present portal need a tune up,or it can be a miniature world park concept:1 portal with unlocked teleported places added to it by charging it.

    Aka all spellbook teleports available if you pay the price to Cheap Rs gold charge it just like it currently is.Training the ability with high EXP rates outside your house the suitable way,then you build the true home parts after you are the ideal level.