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This brought me back to OSRS gold

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    December 3, 2020

    I got respect for 25buttholes. He's a real OG. Anyone that packs a recoil and cites ImahatmaI understands about those glory days first hand.

    This brought me back to OSRS gold when I had been training range about the ledge of this al kahrid mine. I remember I unlocked the maple bow and addy arrows and I had been so excited! Fuck yeah, this was the best video of the year so far for sure!

    Just reminds me of running around runescape as a noob associate with my mage buddy Garsdeigho, neither of us ever got over 70 at a stat. man. I wonder how he is.

    This goblin armor bit brought me back to my initial hours in the game. Great video opThat is absolutely magnificent! And THANK YOU so much for adding the song name and artist, that is a really bangin song I overlook using arbitrary events to save my distance from pkers by purposefully clicking the wrong thing.

    Bro that I Really like this much do you do much more of the rather than this Minimal attempt 10 sec clips with 1 half-joke I wish this was on buy runescape mobile gold your channel cuz I know that it's only gonna get lost and buried within my Reddit bookmarks.

    I really like this please keep producing articles however you see fit.

    That was fantastic nicely done participant, is that a sample out of Heartbeat by The Knife then Jose Gonzales?