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You're now softlocked in Animal Crossing New Horizons Items

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    December 24, 2020

    You're now softlocked in Animal Crossing New Horizons Items any sport which needs gathering currency, as in these games your successful balance will be zero, together with any in-game currency you get being delivered right to your actual life account. Countless games become practically, if not , unplayable for you.

    The results of your video game actions come true.

    However it doesn't merely apply to you. It goes for every single person in the world who plays games too. Inflation becomes horribly unmanageable. The entire world economy stinks.

    The cash is unusable and useless, as at it is not a frequent currency here.

    This goes against what they said. They stated useable, so you need to find some way to ensure it is a poor thing while being useable

    Having a wide enough definition of"however I need", they could buy things that don't exist.I guess this could become a reality. Or something like that. It seems just like a scary premise if it were to happen in reality.

    , but the exchange rate between orens, bell, poke dollars, zenni and GP is so low that the combined value of all of the digital money you've made in your entire life is roughly $1.50 Any money spent in the virtual universe comes from buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells your real life bank account. You are countless dollars in debt because of a mortgage in Animal Crossing, and therefore, are countless dollars in debt in real life until you pay it off.