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Whole lot in the Buy Runescape gold game

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    December 31, 2020

    Pretty sure they've been discussing issues with the motor for 6 years at this point. It is going to never get fixed if the project is never begun.

    I truly hope they begin looking into OSRS gold it because I think that it is not too late yet. The sport is doing fine and you will find more new items planned for the game.it is still a great option. It fixed the issue on rs3. It isn't important how long it takes because we need a permanent fix and not band-aid fix.

    There'll never be a permanent cure to bots. It is going to always be an arms race, and if your expectation is that somehow they could program a system that has no exploits to robots you are setting yourself up for dissapointment.

    It's true that it will not 100% remove the bots but with the new engine they can create new tools which could fight these bots plus rs3 is doing considerably better compared to osrs for dealing with bots.

    Y'are doing a great job. Thank you. There were big chunks of time in the previous 2 years that I've been away from the game and with the amount of items which have been inserted to OSRS, there's is a whole lot in the Buy Runescape gold game that's a whole mystery to me. There's so much now.

    For me, it is a perfect introduction to more dexterous things like bosses and raids. Additionally, it reminds me of Dungeoneering also it gave me a bit of a laugh to keep in mind some people saying"Dungeoneering should happen to be a minigame".