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Actually play with it Mut 21 coins

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    January 11, 2021

    Do some of us actually play with it Mut 21 coins anymore??? I played with madden for like 10 years straight and I understood it was the same game every season but still played it. This year was different, I really don't know what it is but for once I'm actually finding myself not caring about the game Yup I believe it was madden 05, when you could last layout and build your own arena. As well as price all the concessions, tickets and merchandise.

    Loaded up my franchise from 2014 and had a blast. Do not regret not buying 21 at all.

    I purchased it, like a dumbass, without reading some reviews first. I literally despise the game. Everything about it in the inaccurate player ratings, to the glitchy gameplay, to the franchise mode that has only regressed over time. Anyone want to purchase the game back from me for 50 bucks? It's the MVP edition How about when the CPU team requires a reasonable catch on a punt return, don't then let them also return it for 20 metres because I didn't tackle. Like wtf? I have video of the... I am really okay with giving EA $30 annually for cheap Madden nfl 21 coins EA Play (or however much Microsoft will give EA for their addition at Game Pass Ultimate), rather than $100s on matches which are nowhere near finished at launch.

    Bro every Madden fan feels the pain of a cowboys fan. . .we both understand that the franchise has not gone to the owner admits he trash or the die of old age.

    Sad thing is EA will only assume he's mad about his evaluation and does not actually think their game is utter garbage.