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Entirely since OSRS is performing better

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    January 21, 2021

    I only play Ironman mode there, however last I heard is they went back to the guarantee of Yak Track substituting TH promos and so are now cycling them through like normal even if the Tracks are running.That's only ONE example.

    It does not affect me since I play with Ironman mode, but since it sounds Jagex is cashing in on purely MTX today, it's getting in the way of suitable game updates and is continuing to emphasise the game out quicker.

    I discovered about the crucial exploit and also the bans that happened from that. I haven't kept up with the promos such as Yak Track, but it's sad to see them ramping up MTX instead of toning down it.

    It's disappointing, since OSRS gold has the potential to be one of the greatest MMO's accessible, but the higher ups have seemingly gotten very slack with it. I had been hoping that they would be able to ATLEAST use the enormous MTX profits on making the game's graphical fidelity consistent, but it never happened, even though they supposedly source their graphic work to numerous third party businesses.

    Now I fear they're going to cash out and abandon it entirely since OSRS is performing better with nowhere near the quantity of MTX (which is deserved tbh. I like spending time in here and see what is going on with the other half the Cheap Rs gold loved ones, and it feels like that the Devs are all actual fans of this game and genuinely want to see it improve and grow in the long run.

    I really do still put the majority of the blame on the higher ups).