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Thank you for bringing me back

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    Feb 2

    Getting the decorations will be great, but if you considering playing the game longer as it moves from closed beta. Completing this will allow you to work towards the Star Adventurer Title and Star Adventurer Hat for if MS2 Mesos is released completely.It made it painful even seeing/hearing matters about mentioned something which I enjoyed doing, MMO. But you are correct, I heard a fantastic deal from social interactions with people in MMOs through time, hearing their stories to discussing laughs and at times even seeing that they had been in their heart (sometimes good, sometimes bad).

    Wow I can not believe I found someone that went through almost the EXACT same thing ! I left so many friends, when Big Bang patch hit, and it was heartbreaking. It became the beginning of the end for me. I used to run back home after college meet my friends and to get on. We spoke, traveled, and did everything. Especially, I met a girl who was from Chicago and she left a boyfriend on MS. He happened to visit the identical high school as me in the moment. She lost touch with me and became covetous and distant. There were highs and lows, but if I could go back in time, I would do it all again and again make as much friends as I could. Things like that I could never do in person. Thank you for bringing me back to those times for this post!

    Thank you. I also played MS also experienced lots of the very same things you did Wikipedia. But Maple gave me the best thing I have ever gotten: Maple connected me with my spouse. I transferred 2600 miles away from my home to be with her, and we've been happy ever since.

    This bit in addition to this game have a lot of meaning for me. I would love to assist you help gear or to find a fun guild a personality!