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Important Indicators Of Bottle Labels

The bottle labels are made of advanced materials, such as pet, pvc, pe, bopp films, etc., transparent and translucent, printed labels are rich in color, with optional processes such...  more

Uplift Due To Drop In Mould Labels Viscosity

Sometimes, we will find that the in mould labels looks a little bulgy. Why is this so? Facts have proved that the die label bulges due to the drop in viscosity. What causes the...  more

Mould Used for Aluminum Solid Panel

The processing technology and extrusion method of aluminum hollow panel and Aluminum Solid Panel are basically the same, the difference lies in the mould used.

For the mould of the aluminum solid...  more




Aluminum Corrugated Panel Has High Recycling Value

Aluminum Corrugated Panel is also called corrugated aluminum panel, special-shaped aluminum panel, aluminum tile, etc. It is a product of deep processing of aluminum panels.

The base...  more

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Can Keep Good Flatness

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel is composed of honeycomb core material of aluminum panel and adhesive, which is suitable for civil buildings, vehicle and boat decoration, aviation, aerospace and...  more

The Recovery Value Of Aluminum Corrugated Panel Is High

1. Lightweight and high strength: Aluminum Corrugated Panel is made of high-quality aluminum coiled material with a density of only one-third of that of steel, lightweight and high...  more

Carbon Road Bike Wheels |

Carbon road bike wheels designed with advanced technologies at

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road wheel
carbon mountain bike wheels
road bike wheels
carbon mtb...  more