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Test The Type Of In Mould Labels Adhesive

Before using the in mould labels , it is very important to test the type of adhesive to see if the adhesive belongs to self-adhesive, heat-sealing adhesive or gummed water paper....  more

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Has Many Advantages

The centre of the Aluminum Honeycomb Panel is an aluminum hexagonal honeycomb, the density is less than 1/5 of the weight of wood boards with the same thickness and area, 1/6 of glass and 1/7...  more

Dear WhatsApp lover, we are announcing the 2022 WhatsApp Lottery Winners List with new options. Now you no longer need to buy a lottery ticket to participate in the WhatsApp 2022 draw. WhatsApp has now launched a single form because we are associated...  more

What Factors Affect The Price Of Cup Seal Labels

In the printing market, the cup seal labels printing product is a kind of product with increasing demand, and the price difference of different cup seal labels products is also...  more

Beipiao Yuheyuan Agricultural Products Processing Factory

Yuheyuan Agricultural Products Processing Factory was established in September 2010, located in the west of Liaoning Province, China. It is a China Products Manufacturers and Products...  more

In Mould Labelsas A "Latecomer"

As a "latecomer", in mould labels has certain specificity in its application field, which is not as extensive as self-adhesive label. Self-adhesive labels can be applied to almost...  more

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Adhesion Test Of Adhesive For Cup Seal Labels

Before using the cup seal labels , it is necessary to test the type of adhesive, so that we can quickly understand whether this adhesive belongs to adhesive hot melt adhesive or...  more

Shrink Sleeve Labels Are Increasingly Used

The shrink sleeve labels is a part of the label market and is growing rapidly. Its market share is expanding and its development potential is huge. It has become a bright spot...  more

Paper Commonly Used In Self-adhesive Sticker Printing

The self-adhesive sticker printing is different from other products. Self-adhesive sticker printing is composed of several parts: surface material, adhesive and film material. The...  more