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Final Fantasy XIV: This is a tense war Review

The story of Shadowbringers is predicted to occur following your outgoing expansion event Stormblood. However, almost all of the main narrative on this story originates from the short story from Patch in its previous Heavensward expansion. T...

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The pursuit is where the wow classic gold story starts in almost any book, movie or MMORPG. Whether you enjoy quest chains or hate them, it is time to assemble the young'uns next to your hearth and tell them the story of the epic weapon, the forgetful gno...

The story of this Corrupted Ashbringer actually constitutes one of the chief tenets in wow classic gold lore. It's on the story of Highlord Alexandros Mograine, also drops from the Four Horseman encounter from the Naxxramas raid. When a player equips this...

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