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Legal Process Service - Adapting Technology for Better Service at Punctual updates constitute a significant benefit to providing a quality Legal Process Service. Most of the time, process servers handwrite notes to update clients, a practice which is both unreliable and unprofessional. Automatic emails and a client database are both more convenient and more reliable than a scribbled note that could be lost, forgotten or ruined. Also, allowing clients to access the database gives them immediate information about where all their cases stand. With all those features combined, clients are just as aware of what's going on as the process server is. My Social : NO KA'OI Process Serving PO Box 1346 Kilauea, Hawaii United States 96754 Call Us Now 808-278-8974 Services:- Spouse Support Summons and Petition Divorce Summons and Complaint Child Support / Visitation Petition and Summons Court Order/Decision Civil Summons and Complaint Notice of Claim and Small Claims

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Legal Process Service