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    This might be the final chance for the young corner." />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesHorizontal - WhitePride Of Detroita Detroit Lions communityLog In or Sign UpLog InSign UpFanpostsFanshotsSectionsLibraryLionsOddsAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 322 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Detroit Lions NewsDetroit Lions NotesDetroit Lions AnalysisDetroit Lions TransactionsDetroit Lions Game RecapsFiled under:NFL Open ThreadsFriday open thread: What do the Lions need from Teez Tabor this season?New ,41commentsThis might be the final chance for the young corner.EDTShareTweetShareShareFriday open thread: What do the Lions need from Teez Tabor this season?David Kohl-USA TODAY SportsIt is never an easy transition into the NFL, and for cornerbacks, the hill can be especially steep. Perhaps no one on the Lions roster has felt this more than Teez Tabor, who might be fighting for his job, just two years removed from being selected in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft. The first two seasons have been rough for the former Gator, and the clock is ticking on his time in Detroit.The Lions could move on from Tabor without many financial repercussions, but without a clear second outside cornerback on the roster, the front office seems interested in giving him one more shot to prove his worth. Detroit may never get a full second-round value out of Tabor, but perhaps not all is quite yet lost.Training camp is likely going to play a big role in Tabor’s 2019 outlook. He has struggled to earn the confidence of the coaching staff so far, playing fewer than 500 total snaps in his career. When he actually got on the field, the results were not great, as he has been burned too many times in coverage and consistently looked a step off the pace. Tabor has yet to record an interception in the NFL.Today’s Question of the Day is: What would be considered a good season for Teez Tabor?My answer: Cornerbacks cannot be completely judged by their stat line, but there are a couple of important benchmarks Tabor must pass to have a good season in 2019. Last season Womens Golden Tate III Jersey , he barely ranked among the top 10 on the team in coverage snaps among defensive backs; if he is not among the top three Lions corners this season, his time in Detroit is probably over.As concerning are his zero pass break-ups in two seasons in the NFL, as well as his zero picks, as mentioned before. There is more to solid defense than turnovers and big plays, but he needs to at least occasionally show up in the box score if he wants to stick around. Playing time will be the bigger metric, but the counting stats must follow too.Ultimately, it all may come down to the eye test, which probably does not bode well for Tabor. He seems to be playing well this spring, but fans have yet to see him play consistently well when it actually counts. The Lions should give him one last shot, but this fall may be his last opportunity.Your turn.Tweets from We’re taking things up a notch and offering you the chance to compete against your fellow fans for bragging rights and prizes"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Detroit Lions NewsDetroit Lions NotesDetroit Lions AnalysisDetroit Lions TransactionsDetroit Lions Game RecapsNFL DraftSite News2019 Pride of Detroit Mock Draft ChallengeNew,19commentsWe’re taking things up a notch and offering you the chance to compete against your fellow fans for bragging rights and prizesEDTShareTweetShareShare2019 Pride of Detroit Mock Draft ChallengeYou like mock drafts. Of course you like mock drafts or else you wouldn’t be here. You clicked on this article, it was right there in the title, and that’s why you’re here.Well Damon Harrison Jersey , the Pride of Detroit staff have been cooking up something we think you’re going to enjoy. We’re going to throw a draft party in Detroit for the first day of the draft, and during that party we’re going to be giving out prizes, both at the door and for some events. One of those is the first ever POD Mock Draft Challenge, where we challenge you to put on your best mock draft you possibly can in search of infinite bragging rights and of course, that sweet, sweet swag.Interested in playing? We’re breaking it into two simple categories for you. If you’re going to be at the draft party, you’ll be in one group, and if you’re just playing from home, you’ll be in another. Simple! NOTE: Only one entry per person. If you want to be in the at-home group, submit below. If you want to be in the draft party group, submit below, indicate on the form that you’ll be at the party, then check in with Kent at the party to confirm your attendance. You can also fill out a form by hand at the party. We will be keeping track of each pick in the draft and rewarding points for every player you get correct based on where the are taken overall and what team they go to. So for an easy example White Austin Bryant Jersey , if you project the Cardinals will take Nick Bosa first overall, and they do, that’s two points (Correct team/player and player/overall). If, however, they trade down to 4, but still manage to get Bosa, that would be 1 point (Correct team/player, incorrect player/overall). If someone else traded up to 1 to take Bosa, you would get 1 point (Incorrect team/player, but correct player/overall).During the first round of the draft, we will be entering the picks into a program of my own creation, which will then run the counts to give us our leaderboards, so you can follow along as the draft progresses and see how you’re doing. Since all of the ballots are sent to us via email , we have an easy way to contact you if you win, there’s no need to stay up through the whole round if you have work in the morning!To make it easier for those of you who haven’t followed the draft as closely, you can manually run or simulate the first round by using FanSpeak or The Draft Network’s simulators—or any other one of your choosing. Then, simply follow the instructions on the ballot to get them to me to be entered. You are allowed one entrant per person. Best of luck!To enter, simply follow the instructions at this link or listed below:Go here: POD Mock Challenge BallotFill out your name or twitter handle (email will be used by default otherwise), then fill out the ballot. Trades can be simulated just by changing the teams, but it is otherwise set up in the standard draft order already for your convenience.Click the Share button and ensure it’s set up so anyone with the link can view.Share the link or copy the URL and send it to me at will have more details with how you can follow along with the challenge during the draft, as the leaderboards will be updated with every selection. There will be prizes (TBD) for both the at-home and at-party winner. Good luck and have fun!