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Why Do Microsoft Teams Take Forever To Load?

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    October 18, 2021 8:26 PM HKT

    Microsoft Teams, like its other services is a reliable product However; some users have reported that it gets stuck while loading. This happens when the user starts Microsoft Teams, the MS Teams application and it persists to load. This is extremely irritating as it blocks users from using the website, which prevents users from being productive. Users suffer a negative experience because of this as it negatively impacts their academic or professional work. The stuck loading screen appears like. 

    Following a thorough examination of user reviews as well as professional experts, we’ve put together an inventory possible cause for this issue. This problem could arise due to one of the following causes:

    • Unauthorized Password Changes: The primary reason for this problem is a corrupted cache of passwords. This can occur for various causes, but the most popular of that happens when the user edits his or his Microsoft Teams Account password while accessing Microsoft Teams on the MS Teams desktop client.
    • Cache that is corrupted: We all know how destructive corrupted files can be to the applications you have installed and your PC. This issue is caused by corrupted cache information, which hinders authentication certificates.
    • A poor Internet Connection: Another main factor in this issue for MS Teams application is a inadequate internet connection. An unreliable or shared internet connection could impede the process of logging in, which can increase the time it takes to load.
    • Date and time are not correct: Microsoft applications function in relationship to day and the time. Security and privacy patches are also updated based on the time and date. Therefore If the date and time displayed on your computer are incorrect and you have a problem, you’re more than likely to experience an issue. There are websites that may be unable to join your connection to the internet.
    • Azure Active Directory (AAD) This error could also be caused by the fact that your company’s policies for setting up Azure Active Directory (AAD) are not being followed. These policies are in place to increase security and privacy.
    • Windows Credentials Collision: Most users are not aware of the Microsoft database that is used to store the credentials for Windows Account and Office 365 Account is distinct. Some users may be using the wrong credentials, for instance, Windows credentials, to access 365 applications, which could cause this issue.
    • Service is down one important thing to remember is that the backend servers of Team are down from time to the time. Make sure you keep watch on the status of your server.

    We provide a step-by step guide to set up Microsoft Office on different devices and we are not affiliated with any company or brand. You can simply go to our site to find a key for the Office product as well as other questions regarding installation at

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    November 3, 2021 7:08 AM HKT

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    November 7, 2021 5:08 PM HKT

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