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    The demand for BOPP labels is very large, and a large number of labels need to be printed every day. So, what should be considered when printing BOPP labels?

    1. The length of...  more
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    The digital printing fabric are gradually popular, and the printed fabrics produced by digital printing are more realistic and precise than traditional printing. At present, there are mainly...  more
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    What are the advantages of latex mattresses?
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    In fact, the quality of sleep depends on deep sleep, and under the premise of ensuring light and dark and odorless, the most direct factor affecting sleep is the hotel mattress used for sleep.
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    1. High strength and rigidity to bear weight

    The Aluminum Honeycomb Panel has ideal stress distribution for shearing, compressing and stretching. Aluminum honeycomb panels can be made of very...  more
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    The service life of Air Cooler Mould is closely related to correct maintenance. In fact, too many dies are scrapped due to improper maintenance. The following summarizes some basic knowledge of...  more
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    First of all, we should judge the Bonded fabric from the hand feeling. Manufactured products with rough hand feel, such as clothing, are naturally not popular, so the first thing to do is to feel soft...  more
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    In mould labeling technology is to suck up the pre-printed and die-cut in mould labels by a manipulator and place them in a mould before plastic blowing, injection moulding or...  more
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    Best MTB under 500